STEM Magazine Canada


"Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics....the foundations of industry and commerce in Canada.

Across every Provence and Territory, the young men and women of Canada are preparing to make an important career decision that will impact the economy and future of the nation.

No matter what career field they choose, from secretary to scientist, STEM skills will be a vital part of their success. An accurate understanding of what STEM skills “really” are is at the core of our content. The root of STEM education failure is a vague and inaccurate understanding of STEM skills and related careers. STEM Magazine Canada strives monthly to correct misconceptions and bring specificity to the topic.

The future of Canadian economics rests on the success of our young creative minds in conjunction with S.T.E.M. skills to innovate, develop, and solve problems inherent in every career challenge.

STEM Magazine Canada is under the education umbrella of STEM Magazine Inc., a 501c3 not for profit organization.

Wayne Carley

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